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Punishment may make us obey the orders we are given but at best it will only teach an obedience to authority not a self-control which enhances our self-respect.

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But I now entered on my fifteenth year - a sad epoch in the life of a slave girl. My master began to whisper foul words in my ear. Young as I was I could not remain ignorant of their import.

I think the thing's that perhaps sad really is that younger people haven't come in and I think it must have been absolutely fantastic to have worked in the 50's when you had all of the great Broadway composers and when West Side Story didn't win the Tony Award.

Nobody wants to hear R&B. It's sad. If you want to be on the radio you got to stay young.

Of course it's true: the public want to see young people - young people are the people who go to the cinema. It's a sad fact of life but you've got to accept it and not whine about it.

The old know what they want the young are sad and bewildered.

I feel quite sad for the young musicians coming up because they may never get to pay their rent properly. It doesn't matter what the genre nowadays it's so much harder than it ever was.

If I get the forty additional years statisticians say are likely coming to me I could fit in at least one maybe two new lifetimes. Sad that only one of those lifetimes can include being the mother of young children.

NASA has been one of the most successful public investments in motivating students to do well and achieve all they can achieve. It's sad that we are turning the programme in a direction where it will reduce the amount of motivation and stimulation it provides to young people.

When I was younger many of my romantic escapades were just a means of simply avoiding being by myself. I was afraid of feeling lonely afraid I wouldn't know what to say to myself.

When I was younger - it might be a romantic idea - I always thought I might go crazy.

I think as a young actress it's very rare that you read something where you're not either 'the girl' or there to serve some romantic purpose in a male dominated cast.

Tradition wears a snowy beard romance is always young.

The first few games that we played against some of the teams the young guys you know want a stick sign or photo sign and I think that they respect what I have achieved throughout my career.

I think it's great that she's not perfect and wasn't perfect. I think that's maybe why so many young girls and different people look up to Mac and respect her even more.

I'm a big proponent of young women dressing appropriately in the workplace to get ahead. We need to demand respect as women and part of that involves how we present ourselves.

I have the most profound respect for the Department of Justice and the FTC. We in Europe are a younger and I would say junior institution to the historical antitrust experience of the US.

I find it hard to take rock groups very seriously or treat them with respect. There is something absurd about these gloomy young men getting together and banging away.

I've got no respect for any young man who won't join the colors.

Plus you know when I was young there was a lot of respect for clowning in rock music - look at Little Richard. It was a part of the whole thing and I always also believed that it released the audience.

As a younger actor you want to be approved of you want to gain respect be admired. All of those things. To say: 'This is me playing this character. And aren't I fantastic!' I don't feel that so much now.

Most young people have tremendous respect for older people's views.

When I was young there was no respect for the young and now that I am old there is no respect for the old. I missed out coming and going.

But it's important while we are supporting lessons in respecting others to remember that many of our youngest kids need to learn to respect themselves. You learn your worth from the way you are treated.

I was silent as a child and silenced as a young woman I am taking my lumps and bumps for being a big mouth now but usually from those whose opinion I don't respect.