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A mathematician is a person who can find analogies between theorems a better mathematician is one who can see analogies between proofs and the best mathematician can notice analogies between theories.

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In some states militant nationalism has gone to the lengths of dictatorship the cult of the absolute or totalitarian state and the glorification of war.

Advances in the technology of telecommunications have proved an unambiguous threat to totalitarian regimes everywhere.

The great strength of the totalitarian state is that it forces those who fear it to imitate it.

The real point is that totalitarian regimes have claimed jurisdiction over the whole person and the whole society and they don't at all believe that we should give unto Caesar that which is Caesar's and unto God that which is God's.

Human rights commissions as they are evolving are an attack on our fundamental freedoms and the basic existence of a democratic society... It is in fact totalitarianism. I find this is very scary stuff.

There is an absolutely fundamental hostility on the part of totalitarian regimes toward religion.

Totalitarianism is patriotism institutionalized.

A lawn is nature under totalitarian rule.

It is hard I submit to loathe bloodshed including war more than I do but it is still harder to exceed my loathing of the very nature of totalitarian states in which massacre is only an administrative detail.

The savior who wants to turn men into angels is as much a hater of human nature as the totalitarian despot who wants to turn them into puppets.

The Chinese art world does not exist. In a society that restricts individual freedoms and violates human rights anything that calls itself creative or independent is a pretence. It is impossible for a totalitarian society to create anything with passion and imagination.

Great is truth but still greater from a practical point of view is silence about truth. By simply not mentioning certain subjects... totalitarian propagandists have influenced opinion much more effectively than they could have by the most eloquent denunciations.

Only the freedom of mind can prevent the state from becoming totalitarian and from issuing totalitarian demands.

To us Americans much has been given of us much is required. With all our faults and mistakes it is our strength in support of the freedom our forefathers loved which has saved mankind from subjection to totalitarian power.

Because if you lived as I did several years under Nazi totalitarianism and then 20 years in communist totalitarianism you would certainly realize how precious freedom is and how easy it is to lose your freedom.

Hamas is a terrorist organization dedicated to annihilating the Jewish state. It runs a theocratic totalitarian state in Gaza with no individual liberty and no freedom of speech or press.

A new breeze is blowing and a world refreshed by freedom seems reborn for in man's heart if not in fact the day of the dictator is over. The totalitarian era is passing its old ideas blown away like leaves from an ancient lifeless tree.

I was interested by the idea that artists working in a totalitarian dictatorship or tsarist autocracy are secretly and slightly shamefully envied by artists who work in freedom. They have the gratification of intense interest: the authorities want to put them in jail while there are younger readers for whom what they write is pure oxygen.

The Cuban people still live in constant fear of a brutal totalitarian regime that has demonstrated time and again its utter disregard for basic human dignity. The fight for a free Cuba has gone on for far too long.

Taxation is the price we pay for failing to build a civilized society. The higher the tax level the greater the failure. A centrally planned totalitarian state represents a complete defeat for the civilized world while a totally voluntary society represents its ultimate success.

A claim for equality of material position can be met only by a government with totalitarian powers.

What's certain is that a totalitarian enclave like Cuba's can't continue to exist so change will definitely come there eventually.