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There is a fear of emotion in tennis.

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My fondest memories are generally the day after Thanksgiving. I get the total decorating Christmas itch.

One Christmas build-up tradition however has totally bypassed me - that of going up to town and 'doing a show.'

Yes it's a man's world but that's all right because they're making a total mess of it. We're chipping away at their control taking the parts we want. Some women think it's a difficult task but it's not.

Contemplation and wisdom are highest achievements and man is not totally at home with them.

I only did karaoke once in my life. It was with Courtney Love and it was a total disaster. She pulled me on stage in front of 500 people at a wedding. I'd never done karaoke before.

In some states militant nationalism has gone to the lengths of dictatorship the cult of the absolute or totalitarian state and the glorification of war.

When you go to war both sides lose totally.

Total war is no longer war waged by all members of one national community against all those of another. It is total... because it may well involve the whole world.

The only way into truth is through one's own annihilation through dwelling a long time in a state of extreme and total humiliation.

Teachability and trust always leads to total obedience.

David was the kind of guy who was totally supportive of the actors and instructed the writing staff to trust the actor's instincts since after all it's the actors playing the character.

I trust no one totally.

I had this totally impossible dream of being an actress. Trust me just because I'm lucky enough to be doing this doesn't make any of this less of a pipe dream. And nothing gets my juices flowing like a really great performance. To see someone on stage I get really excited.

When I'm on stage it's a little world I've created where I'm sort of the thing so I have total control over everything that happens. When we're improvising I'm with someone I totally trust. I know things are going to work out. I don't have those guarantees in life. There are no consequences on stage.

You can't trust code that you did not totally create yourself.

I wish people would realize that animals are totally dependent on us helpless like children a trust that is put upon us.

The only kind of seafood I trust is the fish stick a totally featureless fish that doesn't have eyeballs or fins.

Sometimes I envy people who can be only half crazy with one foot in the passion and one foot in the real world. But that's not me. I dive into the total crazy experience. That's the only way to travel.

Young people know how important it is for dads to be involved in their lives. As I travel the country and talk with students some of them tell me that their lives would be totally different if their father was around.

And when is there time to remember to sift to weigh to estimate to total?

I knew from the beginning that privacy was going to be a huge issue especially with regard to applying Total Information Awareness in counterterrorism. Because if the technology development was successful a logical place to apply it was inside the United States.

I have advocated an entirely different approach than cap and tax which would be worldwide in application and which emphasizes technology as a way of reducing total emissions.

Modern technology has become a total phenomenon for civilization the defining force of a new social order in which efficiency is no longer an option but a necessity imposed on all human activity.

A total nuclear freeze is counterproductive - especially now when technology is rapidly changing and the Soviets have some important strategic advantages.