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Reasoning draws a conclusion but does not make the conclusion certain unless the mind discovers it by the path of experience.

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Continuing a Lenten series on prayer: Prayer is co-operation with God. It is the purest exercise of the faculties God has given us - an exercise that links these faculties with the Maker to work out the intentions He had in mind in their creation.

I think of doing a series as very hard work. But then I've talked to coal miners and that's really hard work.

I'm actually reading 'World War Z' again! It's incredibly realistic and it's written as an oral history through interviews with different characters. Max Brooks wrote this book in so many different voices. There are about forty or so. It's incredible. When I finish 'World War Z' I'm going to go back and start again on the 'Game of Thrones' series.

War is a series of catastrophes which result in victory.

I was telling somebody just the other day there's technically such a hierarchy in this business. You have film that's the ideal then you have TV and things like web series do not claim as much cred but the fact is if the material is solid and I believe and trust in the team that's involved I don't care what format it is.

I built a series of supporters that had my back. I never abused that trust. You can't cry wolf. You have to solve most problems yourself.

I got the chance to do things that I dreamed of when I was a kid: I got to travel around the world I had my own 'Goosebumps' attraction at Disney World I've been on TV and had three TV series.

As far as 'Twilight' goes I'm in love with my character. I'm in love with the whole series. I love doing the fan conventions around the world I love to travel. So wherever it fits in I'd love to continue doing that for the rest of my life. Just meeting the fans who made everything possible from around the world.

Life is a series of steps. Things are done gradually. Once in a while there is a giant step but most of the time we are taking small seemingly insignificant steps on the stairway of life.

I decided that if I were to write a teen series I'd want to set it in a place that was familiar to me - Manhattan where I'd grown up - and I'd model the characters on myself and my friends.

In my column series 'The Main Thing ' I often talk about how Internet technology can improve the way people communicate - both within a business and between a business and its customers and partners.

My intention was to enroll at McGill University but an unexpected series of events led me to study physics at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

I think it's good for sports cars to be united to be just one. I think it's good for the fans. When you have two different series fans don't know which way to go when you only have one I think it's good for the sport.

The truth is that for those 86 long years when the Red Sox went without a World Series win fans were not only in a recession but trapped in a longstanding deeply entrenched sports depression.

But the development of human society does not go straight forward and the epic process will therefore be a recurring process the series a recurring series - though not in exact repetition.

They've also asked me now to start on another series that we're gonna do after this Frontier Earth. But it's not science fiction it's more in the Mystery and Crime division and that's another area I'm very interested in.

The first series I wrote 'L.A. Candy ' was always meant to be a three-book series so when I started out it was all outlined that way and by the time I was done with the third book I had become so involved and the process and the stories I was a little bit sad to be done.

They all matter to me whether I'm working on a Sam Jackson film for a week or I'm the star of my own TV series - I take it all very seriously and I have a healthy respect for the work in general despite the role.

I was supposed to have a relationship with Judy but that never happened. Actors in series didn't have the control that they have today over their jobs.

When I was in my 30s I was at the end of a long-term relationship and going through a very hard time. I'd had about 15 different addresses and a series of relationships. I thought 'It's time to have a look at yourself.'

And it is because a series of elements in Spanish life which operate today the same way as they did in the times of Blanco White made obvious my relationship with him based on a similarity in Spain's condition.

Every man sees in his relatives and especially in his cousins a series of grotesque caricatures of himself.

The only positive finding which could be drawn from the first series was the conclusion that the relationships obviously had a more complicated lay-out than had been thought for the effects were so varied that no obedience to any law could be discovered.

Thus at the beginning of 1906 it seemed to be established that the emitters of the spectral series of chemical elements are their positive atomic ions.