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When I make art I think about its ability to connect with others to bring them into the process.

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I've done an awful lot of stuff that's a monument to public patience.

So it's been a slow process and it's taken some patience. That's why patients are called patients I think - patience is required.

If you have confidence you have patience. Confidence that is everything.

Difficult years lie ahead patience is required.

As a young boy I read 'Cheaper by the Dozen' and immediately became neurotic about my use of time. It taxed me severely but only for the next 50 years. But I think it also allowed me to discipline myself to sit in the chair and be a writer where one of the most needed qualities is patience.

Soon I knew the craft of experimental physics was beyond me - it was the sublime quality of patience - patience in accumulating data patience with recalcitrant equipment - which I sadly lacked.

This is the story of what a Woman's patience can endure and what a Man's resolution can achieve.

As I pass it I feel as if I saw a dear old mother sweet in her weakness trembling at the approach of her dissolution but not appealing to me against the inevitable rather endeavouring to reassure me by her patience and pointing to a hopeful future.

I will exercise patience and will provide all facts to the general public.

The only thing of weight that can be said against modern honor is that it is directly opposite to religion. The one bids you bear injuries with patience the other tells you if you don't resent them you are not fit to live.

He preacheth patience that never knew pain.

And so at the age of thirty I had successively disgraced myself with three fine institutions each of which had made me free of its full and rich resources had trained me with skill and patience and had shown me nothing but forbearance and charity when I failed in trust.

Patience is the best medicine.

That's why I never became a director. I never had patience with people.

I think there's not much patience for organized labour period public or private sector.

Sometimes they are a matter of luck the photographer could not expect or hope for them. Sometimes they are a matter of patience waiting for an effect to be repeated that he has seen and lost or for one that he anticipates.

My three Ps: passion patience perseverance. You have to do this if you've got to be a filmmaker.

You know writing is really difficult and it takes a real patience and a skill. I don't know if I have that. I admire it in others so much and I envy it.

Patience is sorrow's salve.

Anyhow a philosophical turn of thought now was not amiss else one's patience would have given out almost at the harbour entrance. The term of her probation was eight days.

I haven't got a lot of patience.

I've learned the importance of loving what you do. I have also learned more patience due to the nature of the music business.

Your patience would fail you if I should continue to relate all the disrespectful speeches and treatment which your servants have been obliged to listen to and patiently to bear.

Constant repetition of tongue-twisters was like lifting weights for me but patience and persistence have paid off.