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I distinguish between nationalism and patriotism.

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Mystical explanations are thought to be deep the truth is that they are not even shallow.

What I do deny is that you can build any enduring society without some such mystical ethos.

Scotsmen are metaphisical and emotional they are sceptical and mystical they are romantic and ironic they are cruel and tender and full of mirth and despair.

I like to say magic is the world's second oldest profession a mystical and often awe-inspiring spectacle that throughout the ages has blended superstition trickery and religion.

Mystical references to society and its programs to help may warm the hearts of the gullible but what it really means is putting more power in the hands of bureaucrats.

The mystical poetry of William Blake's artwork also forms the basis for the album cover.

The sway of alcohol over mankind is unquestionably due to its power to stimulate the mystical faculties of human nature usually crushed to earth by the cold facts and dry criticisms of the sober hour.

Sex is a doorway to something so powerful and mystical but movies usually depict it in a completely flat way.

What I do is not some magical mystical thing. I simply get up in the morning get to work on time say my lines and do the best I can.

Anyone who really studies Catholicism deeply is aware of the mystical nature of our faith. Even references to Christ's mystical body has connections to that principle.

You just kind of have faith. If that sounds kind of mystical it's because I really don't know how it works but I trust that it does. I try to write the way I read in order to find out what happens next.

I firmly believe that all human beings have access to extraordinary energies and powers. Judging from accounts of mystical experience heightened creativity or exceptional performance by athletes and artists we harbor a greater life than we know.