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God help us from those who believe that they are the sole possessors of truth. How we manage at times to agree willingly to become prisoners within our own minds and souls of beliefs and ideas on which we can never be flexible.

The truth is hardly any of us have ethical energy enough for more than one really inflexible point of honor.

Technology makes things faster and more cost-effective but it's not perfect. It requires you to be as flexible as you can be.

Everyone will tell you how rigid I am but a teacher has to be flexible. You can't cut the student to your cloth you have to cut yourself to theirs.

I'm probably the least flexible athlete you'll find. When it comes to yoga I can't get in the positions and I can't hold them. You have to be pretty flexible to do it. Once you get certain positions you have to have the core strength to hold those positions. It's a pretty good workout.

I think team sports probably teach you more about giving - about being unselfish and being flexible.

We believe in a flexible union of free member states who share treaties and institutions and pursue together the ideal of co-operation to represent and promote the values of European civilisation in the world advance our shared interests by using our collective power to open markets and to build a strong economic base across the whole of Europe.

Flexible working is not just for women with children. It is necessary at the other end of the scale. If people can move into part-time work instead of retirement then that will be a huge help. If people can fit their work around caring responsibilities for the elderly the disabled then again that's very positive.

Reading poetry gives me a sense of calm well-being and love for humanity - the same stuff more flexible women get from yoga.

The willow is my favorite tree. I grew up near one. It's the most flexible tree in nature and nothing can break it - no wind no elements it can bend and withstand anything.

It seems to be a law of nature inflexible and inexorable that those who will not risk cannot win.

In almost every marriage there is a selfish and an unselfish partner. A pattern is set up and soon becomes inflexible of one person always making the demands and one person always giving way.

The past is malleable and flexible changing as our recollection interprets and re-explains what has happened.

What the world needs is a small compact flexible fusion technology that could make electricity where and when it is needed. The existing fusion program is leading to a huge source of centralized power at a price that nobody except a government can afford.

We are beginning a new era in our government. I cannot too strongly urge the necessity of a rigid economy and an inflexible determination not to enlarge the income beyond the real necessities of the government.

In the future instead of striving to be right at a high cost it will be more appropriate to be flexible and plural at a lower cost. If you cannot accurately predict the future then you must flexibly be prepared to deal with various possible futures.

My mother was a P.E. teacher and she was kind of a fanatic about fitness and nutrition growing up so it was ingrained in me at a young age. As I get older I'm finding out it's not about getting all buffed up and looking good. It's more about staying healthy and flexible.

Liberals subscribe to the new flexible pluralistic definition of the family their defense of families carries no conviction.

Over the past 20 years I have noticed that the most flexible dynamic inquisitive minds among my students have been industrial design majors. Industrial designers are bracingly free of ideology and cant. The industrial designer is trained to be a clear-eyed observer of the commercial world - which like it or not is modern reality.

Because with courage and conviction I believe we can deliver a more flexible adaptable and open European Union in which the interests and ambitions of all its members can be met.

Feelings of worth can flourish only in an atmosphere where individual differences are appreciated mistakes are tolerated communication is open and rules are flexible - the kind of atmosphere that is found in a nurturing family.

It looks good when you see someone kicking at the age of 51 with no double. It's kinda cool for people to know that past 50 we can keep flexible.