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I never trust anything that can be captured in 2 takes.

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My favorite meal is turkey and mashed potatoes. I love Thanksgiving it's just my favorite. I can have Thanksgiving all year round.

My whole problem is that all of my favorite things at Thanksgiving are the starches and everyone is trying to go low-carb this year even a green vegetable has carbs in it.

My favorite toy growing up was Polly Pocket. But one gift that I wanted though never received for Christmas was a pair of trampoline moon shoes. You strap them to your feet and they have springs on them and you can just jump around!

I love Halloween trick or treating and decorating the house. And I love Thanksgiving because of the football and the fall weather. And of course I love Christmas - that's my favorite of all!

My favorite traditional Christmas movie that I like to watch is All Quiet on the Western Front. It's just not December without that movie in my house.

My favorite play in drama school was 'The Bacchae.' It's about a king who literally gets eaten alive by all the women in the play in a kind of orgy - it's related to the word 'bacchanal' - and I loved that idea of animalistic chaos and following our own desires.

Women have a favorite room men a favorite chair.

Truth is often the favorite tool of those who deceive.

As far as my favorite sites I do a lot of mundane stuff on line because I travel so much.

My favorite travel pastime is writing music either with my guitar or on my computer.

I like reading free diving and hiking. But my favorite thing to do is travel anywhere in Greece. I love everything about that place.

My favorite time in the cycles of public life is the time when the Pope is dead and they haven't elected a new one. There's no one in the world who is infallible for those weeks. And you know I don't miss it.

I love films that make me react emotionally and physically when you walk out of the cinema. Two of my favorite films however have got to be 'The Tree Of Life' and 'The Piano Teacher ' which also stars one of my favourite actresses Isabelle Huppert.

There's so much with my character in 'Dredd' that I identify with. She's my favorite character I think I've ever played. She's the most dynamic and fascinating woman that I could even imagine playing so I love her. What I love about her is that her sensitivity is her greatest strength.

My four older brothers were my favorite players. That's why I got into football and sports.

And I watch 'Saturday Night Live' religiously I have since I was a little boy. I watch it basically like one of my favorite sports teams.

I like sports and swimming is my favorite. Doing physical exercises keeps one fit and healthy and helps one work more efficiently. I think we all need to strike a balance between work and relaxation. This can keep us energetic and help us do our job better.

My favorite sports movies I like 'Remember the Titans' and 'Hoosiers' Jimmy Chitwood from the corner.

I'm a big sports fan. College football is my favorite.

People have called me Superman my whole life. In various sports that seems to be the common theme. My favorite superhero is actually the Incredible Hulk. He's the only superhero that can't die.

I like to follow my favorite team and talk sports with my band or fans. You won't believe how many musicians are sports fans. We have so much time on tour that we need these outlets for relaxation.

Competing in both track and field and basketball for the Bruins I have a lot of great memories to choose from. But my all-time favorite moment in collegiate sports has to be in 1982 when we won UCLA's first NCAA title in track.

I think they need to get a more reliable way of watching television on the laptop. Because I travel so much if I want to watch my favorite sports team it might not be showing in that place so I want a reliable way to watch whatever I want to watch on my laptop.

Do you know what my favorite part of the game is? The opportunity to play.