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When I was going on auditions it was nerve-racking. I'd always say to my mom that it would be awesome if I could get a series. When Modern Family came along I said 'You know what Mom? I believe I'm going to get this role.'

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The Russians are turning east to the Chinese - to the Europeans' surprise. It always seemed to me that the relationship between Russia and China would shift from being based in Marx and Lenin to being based in oil and gas.

I am an optimist about the UK. We have been involved in trade with our European partners which we will always be doing whatever this relationship is. We are a member of the EU. That gives us benefits. But we have to figure out where that is going. In the world we are a global trader already.

It does not seem to me that the steps which would be needed to make Britain - and others - more comfortable in their relationship in the European Union are inherently so outlandish or unreasonable.

Whatever else it was Adolf Hitler's short-lived regime was also a colossal industrial process by which the wealth and productive power of much of Europe was wrenched from its normal purposes and converted into a machine for killing.

We believe in a flexible union of free member states who share treaties and institutions and pursue together the ideal of co-operation to represent and promote the values of European civilisation in the world advance our shared interests by using our collective power to open markets and to build a strong economic base across the whole of Europe.

Now is the time for the U.S. and the nations of Western Europe who engaged in the slave trade throughout this hemisphere to come forward in a positive way to assist in undoing the harm that was caused by their past colonial policies in the hemisphere.

On the one hand the financial projection is on the agenda - we will see if this problem can be resolved or not. I think it is a right idea to stage a special summit which would deal with the question of priorities of European politics.

I know enough about European politics to know you've got a lot of crazy people who make their way onto the ballot.

It is true that short forms of poetry have been cultivated in the Far East more than in modern Europe but in all European literature short forms of poetry are to be found - indeed quite as short as anything in Japanese.

I find myself more at peace when I live in Europe.

The time has come - and must come - for multilateral conversations about a secure peace in all of Europe.

It is the hope of the European Union that Ariel Sharon will keep the peace process alive and continue the dialogue according to the wishes of all the parties involved.

The European Union is the world's most successful invention for advancing peace.

Since creation of the E.U. a half century ago Europe has enjoyed the longest period of peace in its history.

Certainly protecting oppressed people stopping ethnic conflict and promoting responsible governance are worthy goals. But none is as important for American security and prosperity as keeping the peace in the Middle East Europe and East Asia.

I know of no more important subject to the peace of Europe and the world than the reasonable reduction of armaments especially in Europe and of naval armaments throughout the world.

In remembering the appalling suffering of war on both sides we recognise how precious is the peace we have built in Europe since 1945.

The threat today is not that of the 1930s. It's not big powers going to war with each other. The ravages which fundamentalist political ideology inflicted on the 20th century are memories. The Cold war is over. Europe is at peace if not always diplomatically.

The need for peace in Northern Ireland goes well beyond political stability. It now speaks to regional Europe and even global stability.

Peace and abstinence from European interferences are our objects and so will continue while the present order of things in America remain uninterrupted.

I think that economic patriotism is the very foundation of a European vision.

Speaking from my experience as a person involved for a long time in building the European Union it is important to have patience and efforts to build a community of nations.

Compared to America or Europe God isn't a big part of our lives here. I don't know anyone here who goes to church when he's had a rough divorce or is going through depression. We go out into nature instead.

I'd love to go back to Europe in the '20s and '30s for the beginning of the Psychoanalytic Movement and Freud and Jung and all that was going on with discoveries in quantum physics. The whole nature of reality was changing and being challenged.