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People are not perfect... very often the relationships that are strongest are those where people have worked through big crises but they've had to work through them. So the challenge to us is to work through that.

It's true that humanity has seen a succession of crises wars and atrocities but this negative side is offset by advances in technology and cultural exchanges.

And they said if we help with the crisis they would do a lot of positive acts. After we helped in those crises they showed negative acts and the Japanese and Turks were ashamed.

The completely solitary self: that's where poetry comes from and it gets isolated by crisis and those crises are often very intimate also.

In Hawaii we have something called Ho'oponopono where people come together to resolve crises and restore peace and balance.

Some think that by preparing to deal with crises you make them more likely. I think the wiser judgment is the contrary. In this area at least if you want peace or stability it's better to prepare for war or instability.

I've directed seven movies and know a thing or two about dealing with unexpected crises.

There is a basic lesson on financial crises that governments tend to wait too long underestimate the risks want to do too little. And it ultimately gets away from them and they end up spending more money causing much more damage to the economy.

A marriage without conflicts is almost as inconceivable as a nation without crises.

We had periodic crises in this country when the technical intelligence didn't support the policy. We had the bomber gap the missile gap.

In these troubled uncertain times we don't need more command and control we need better means to engage everyone's intelligence in solving challenges and crises as they arise.

Great emergencies and crises show us how much greater our vital resources are than we had supposed.

The wise man does not expose himself needlessly to danger since there are few things for which he cares sufficiently but he is willing in great crises to give even his life - knowing that under certain conditions it is not worthwhile to live.

You know what's funny? I don't ever feel the need to escape. I have a strong marriage. I like my life. You hear about these guys having midlife crises - I don't see that happening to me.

If we do not change our negative habits toward climate change we can count on worldwide disruptions in food production resulting in mass migration refugee crises and increased conflict over scarce natural resources like water and farm land. This is a recipe for major security problems.

Yeah I think everybody has the crises of questioning themselves at some point or other in their lives. Is this where I should live? The job I should have? The girl I should be dating? Is this the friend I should have?

The best way to begin genuine bipartisanship to make America stronger is to work together on the real crises facing our country not to manufacture an artificial crisis to serve a special interest agenda out of touch with the needs of Americans.