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Further the United States is moving ahead in the development of clean coal technology. There are vast coal reserves in our country and when it is burned cleanly coal can provide a resource to supply a large amount of our energy requirements.

I mean when you get down to very low numbers of nuclear weapons and you contemplate going to zero how do you deal with the reality of that technology being available to almost any country that seeks to pursue it? And what conditions do you put in place?

But my view is that you need a system at the border. You need some fencing but you need technology. You need boots on the ground. And then you need to have interior enforcement of our nation's immigration laws inside the country. And that means dealing with the employers who still consistently hire illegal labor.

I think we can be the very best place to start a business to grow a business to invent a new technology to change the world to change the country. But we've got a lot of work to deliver a new California to the people of California.

There used to be this country called the Soviet Union it's not there anymore. Our technology was better than theirs.

What the country needs are a few labor-making inventions.

There happened to be guitar classes at the college and there was a guitar teacher there with whom I used to play. In addition I also would go out into country schools and teach little kids basic guitar and singing a few times a week.

My father followed during most of his life the precarious occupation of a country school teacher.

I do not believe there is a problem in this country or the world today which could not be settled if approached through the teaching of the Sermon on the Mount.

I have decided to fight for my country because we have build a success story in Guanajuato with real results and more yet to come in the next two years.

Winning in Afghanistan is having a country that is stable enough to ensure that there is no safe haven for Al Qaida or for a militant Taliban that welcomes Al Qaida. That's really the measure of success for the United States.

Well I do feel that I carry the responsibility of representing my country wherever I am and this responsibility came with the success that I had in last couple of years not just myself but the whole group of tennis players that comes from Serbia. And athletes in general are in this moment the biggest ambassadors that our country has.

We all know that Social Security is one of this country's greatest success stories in the 20th century.

In America as opposed to the old country success was based on merit.

You know I start with the assumption that -or with with the belief that this president has to succeed. We all have an enormous amount of capital invested in his success. His success is the country's success.

Whether you come from a council estate or a country estate your success will be determined by your own confidence and fortitude.

The military might of a country represents its national strength. Only when it builds up its military might in every way can it develop into a thriving country.

Productive power is the foundation of a country's economic strength.

And I think we understand we cannot make social change for all workers until we have enough strength membership strength and at the same time having membership strength and only making change for a limited group of workers is not what our country really needs for people that work.

I am deeply concerned with the diminution of the teaching strength of the country as a result of the disproportionately low salaries that are paid to teachers throughout the country.

America's downgrade may serve as a wakeup call for its policymakers. It is an unambiguous and loud signal of the country's eroding economic strength and global standing. It renders urgent the need to regain the initiative through better economic policymaking and more coherent governance.

I dare say there may be some men and women in the Armed Forces who are so decent that they would say: Give the Iraqi people money we do not want to be paid back. That is the strength of our country.

Sports can unify the Iraqi people - no Sunnis no Shiites just sport for the country.

We're a crazy country about sports but for the longest time only followed our own sports.